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Garden and landscape expeditions 2011.

This has been a great summer. The weather has been poor but the journeys and the people have been great. The seven days in the Outer Hebrides were magic. Find the picture I recorded of Vatersay. It was published in the Scotsman.

 I have drawn up a programme of expeditions to many different places in Scotland. It is set out in 'Expeditions'. I would be happy to hear from you on any aspect of the programme.

In addition I have devised three days away excursions to 1. Dumfries and Galloway and separately to 2. The Glens and Gardens of Angus. These involve only two nights away from home and are a good way of deciding if you want to spend longer visiting further flung parts of our beautiful country. There are wonderful places to see in both of these destinations. I have included details of these "expeditions". Would you like go? I promise you excellent accomodation for both of these short breaks.

I am trying to keep prices for the tours down and will keep them as low as possible. It is inevitable that there will be an increase taking fuel charges into consideration.

Most of the expeditions have a minimum of three and a maximum of seven clients. The exception is the Outer Hebrides which has a maximum of three taking accommodation into consideration. The travellers to the Outer Hebrides will have to be prepared to rough it in some of the hostels which are converted black houses and are basic. However I would say that it is worth the experience.

Happy walking and touring beautiful Scotland.

Best wishes,

Brian Sutherland.

Revised 20 July 2011

Scotlands gardens and landscapes are among the most beautiful in the world. They are so dramatically different. From the Western Isles to the Scottish Borders. From bonnie Galloway to the Orkney Isles. It is a joy to visit these places and to walk the landscapes. On a micro scale within these landscapes are beautiful gardens waiting to be explored.
For over six years I have been leading groups to visit and explore Scotlands gardens and landscapes. We call our tours expeditions because there is always something exciting and new to be found and we never know whats round the corner on our travels. We see water gardens, botanic gardens, winter gardens, walled gardens, estate gardens, woodland gardens, castle gardens, training gardens, demonstration gardens and more. 
See Scotlands dramatic and different landscapes. Towns, villages, Lochs and vast expanses of moorland mountain and sea. With a little luck see wildlife. Deer, eagles, seals, red kite and maybe otters. It is little wonder that exiled Scots and visitors want to return to this beautiful place. I did.
I want to share it with you and be with you when you say WOW!
Copyright © 2010 Brian Sutherland. All photographs are copyright © Brian Sutherland.