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 Assistant Gardener.
Enthusiastic Head Gardener Wilma Malcolm (right) has an assistant. Murphy is star of TV although he didn't know much about it .... out for the count for an operation.


Bouncing back to health Murphy has concentrated his efforts in the garden.

Of course soon he will be able to recognise a weed from a plant. In the meantime he brings his “weeds” to Wilma for approval. See the cheeky chappy below.

 Angus Glens and Gardens.
September 2011
 One part of Scotland I have not spent much time in is Angus. I used to pass through it between Fife and Aberdeen. I decided to look in more depth at this fine agricultural area and explore it's gardens.
The visit to Cortachy gardens was inspiring. We then made a quick visit to Glen Clova and enjoyed a tea coffee at Glen Clova Hotel in the sunshine. We discovered the walkers bothy with en suite facilities and a big kitchen and dinning area. The three day programme based for two nights from the bothy was soon put together and road tested by a party of four.
Highlights of the expedition were walks in Glen Clova, gardens at the House of Pitmuies, Glamis Castle and the magnificent beach at Lunan Bay. As with all walks and expeditions on my programme I am willing to take groups on this expedition at a time which is mutually convenient. A minimum of three clients is ideal.
Picture: Ferns grow from the roof of one of the listed cottages at Pitmuies.
Ardkinglass Woodland Garden, Loch Fynne. 12th January 2012.
Sixteen intrepid walkers explored the beautiful woodlands of Ardkinglass. We looked at the tallest tree in Britain and marvelled at it's immenseness. We gave it a great big hug and moved on to other Champion Trees. The sun shone in the sky and it a great day for being in a woodland in Argyll. What a great way to start our new season of Garden Walks. A sunny day, a full minibus of happy people.
The garden walkers give this record holding tree a special hug.
Inwood, Carberry near Edinburgh.
Frances and Wilma enjoy the bright hot colours and ambiance of the garden at Inwood on a sunny day. Lindsay always makes us welcome when we visit! The Glasgow Garden Walks Group really enjoy seeing the garden at different times of the year.
If you would like to arrange a visit ring Lindsay or Irvine Morrison on 0131 665 4550.
The Crinan Canal for me,
Oh the Crinan Canal for me,
I don't like the raging sea,
The big foaming breakers would give me the shakers,
The Crinan Canal for me!
The song of the men of the West Coast Puffers ... men like Para Handie.
Following our visit to Achnacille, Robin and Elizabeth Astbury's garden at Kilmelford,we enjoyed a lovely peaceful walk along the Crina Canal.  Robin and Elizabeth have move to England which is a loss to Scotland's Gardens.
Making our way through the National Trust for Scotland garden, Arduaine, South of Oban.