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Gardeners Log December 2012
The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel.


It was a cold icy day and our planned walk in Roslin Glen would have been hazardous. The local Countryside Ranger advised, during the week running up to our visit, that there were sheets of ice affecting paths and steps.


We had three hours to explore Rosslyn Chapel and this was very interesting indeed. We then crossed Edinburgh to visit the Royal Botanic Garden.



The Chapel has attractive sandstone features in various states of repair out and in.

It is the story and mythology of Rosslyn Chapel which make it so interesting.


The walking conditions at the Botanics were very good and we had a good walk through the Chinese collection, over the peat walls which are under construction, past the Rock Garden and on to the Temperate Glasshouse to escape the cold for a while.


This happy chappy is an excellent example of masonary work. The scaffolding on the exterior of the Chapel will be removed by March 2013.

The weather station was interesting, as was the fossilised tree near the Palm House. The Alpine House was a highlight of our walk and gave a hint that Spring is not far away.


One outstanding shrub near the Queen Mothers Garden is Garrya elliptica, the Tassel Bush. It flowers round about February and as can been seen in the buds are well formed and the evegreen shrub is looking very attractive now.


The garden has always many pleasing feature when ever we visit. The John Hope Gateway is a superb entrance to the garden, especially on cold days. And the shop gives visitors the opportunity to buy gifts to take home at the end of the day.

Rosslyn Chapel. Web Tel. 0131 440 2159.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Web Tel. 0131 552 7171.